Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vegan Make-up: Everyday Minerals

I ordered a sample set of Everyday Minerals to find my face color match.  They send you sample sets for free and you only pay for shipping.  I could have used the sample sets much longer but decided to order the large containers.  They have a nice package where you twist the cap to pour a little of the minerals into the cap to use with your brush.  The size is great and there is no mess with the falling minerals.  I'm sold on their coverage, price, and quality.  Since my first order, I have ordered three more times; finding eye shadows of beautiful colors, bronzer, and blush.  Give their site a look because I am very excited about this product.  I have shied away from mineral face makeup due to being over 50 and always thought the shimmer increased the size of wrinkles and pores.  However, with this makeup, there is Matte and Intensive finish: each having no shimmer and great coverage. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this makeup!

Take a look for yourself:

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