Monday, April 5, 2010

Organic Food Bar

Last week, I discovered Vegan Bars on Amazon.  I read through the reviews as I was looking for a vegan bar that not only had great ingredients but also tasted good.  This bar is it.  As a teacher, I find that I don't have very much time to each lunch.  Usually, about 15 minutes, so I needed something healthy and also filling.  I liked them so much that I just ordered a second box.  Not only do I like them, but my non-vegan family does also.  YEAH!
Vegan Bar 12 bars

If you continue to search online, you find that there are a lot of products out there which meet the vegan criteria of no animal products used or animals tested on... but are also very healthy.  If you have other favorites that you think are the best yet, I'd love to hear about them... as this way of eating and living is, for me, still in the infant stages.

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