Monday, July 26, 2010

Excalibur Dehydrator

This morning, I removed my first batch of apples and bananas from the Excalibur dehydrator.  I have been using a round stackable older model for a while and was curious if all the hype about this dehydrator was true.  IT IS!  The fan is in the back of the stacks so that all of the racks (either 5 or 9) are evenly dried.  That is a big difference from the older round model which heats from the bottom - up.  Plus, I can set the temperature to 105 degrees which raw food enthusiasts consider "living food" when dehydrated at this temperature.  All of that information aside, the taste is great and the consistency is perfect.  In the older model, I always enjoyed the bananas but the apples never seemed to dry correctly.  They were too crisp or mushy.  These finished at the right consistency.  I would say the only drawback for some would be that drying at the lower temperature takes extra time.  I turned on the power yesterday around 2 PM and turned off the power this morning when I got up.  I'm extremely happy with this product which was so recommended in all of the raw food books I have been reading this summer.  YEAH!

**I listed the model that I purchased, which is advertised from Amazon, but I ordered mine directly from the company.  It took a little longer, but they had a special and threw in two Paraflexx PremiumTM liners which I used when I made flat bread and crackers.  I use Amazon a lot because I purchased Amazon Prime and get free shipping on most items, but you have to watch the sales.  I'm a bargain hunter at heart, so I always check and order the best priced item.

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