Sunday, December 12, 2010

Focaccia - Dehydrated Italian Flatbread

I made this flat bread again today. See link below for full recipe.  If you like onions, you will love this recipe.  It is raw and dehydrated; capturing the flavor of each ingredient.  Even though I enjoy this recipe, my stomach isn't happy with eating onions any time.  I have to take Peaceful Digestion (by VegLife) before eating onions.  This is a great product.   When I take it before the meal, I never have problems with the onions.  If you have trouble with a type of food, you may want to try this natural capsule.  One of the main ingredients is ginger root.

I will be making  a new version of this recipe that is a sweeter version.  Stay tuned for an update soon.  I have a batch of apples drying now, along with two trays of spicy crackers.  If you plan ahead, you can make a nice variety of dehydrated foods even when you have a busy, working schedule, like mine.  :-)

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  1. I made this again this weekend and left it in the dehydrator longer than before and the onions did not bother my stomach. I have always been able to tolerate cooked onions but not raw. Leaving it in the dehydrator longer did the trick and I enjoyed the bread very much.