Sunday, January 9, 2011

Garden of Life - Perfect Food Raw Organic Powder

I started the morning off with a scoop of Garden of Life Raw Organic Powder in fresh orange juice.

I ordered Garden of Life's Perfect Food from Amazon.  I wanted to buy a product that would give me a daily supply of raw, organic sprouts when my schedule or effort did not allow me to have raw greens or sprouts from scratch. I have read so much about the healing power of barley sprouts and it is one of the sprout ingredients in this product.  I have found that most of my own raw diet is leaning toward fruits.  I do add fresh spinach to my Vitamix for a great shake, mixed with orange juice and a banana and a scoop of Perfect Food when I want to use it as my complete meal.  The banana gives the drink it's sweet flavor.  I decided to try this product with the simple directions of mixing it with water or fruit juice (8 oz) and I used orange juice.  I used the level scoop and mixed it with a mug of orange juice.  It didn't dissolve like an instant drink mix but when stirred, it did "mostly" dissolve and I didn't mind the taste at all. You have to expect that it tastes like greens! The orange juice was the most predominate taste. I doubt if any of us eat the amount of raw greens that we should each day.  If you would like to add raw greens to your diet, give this product a try.  The price from Amazon is the best I've found.

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