Monday, January 17, 2011


I am looking forward to the rich compost that I will be able to add to my organic garden in about 4 to 6 weeks. It was all set up on January 15th. Perfect timing for a spring garden. :-)

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  1. We have had this for three years now. The compost is very good that we get from it mostly because we are careful what we put in. There are no animal products and mostly everything is organic. To add carbon to the compost I started to use shredded paper bags I gt from the supermarket, refusing to use plastic. Along with grass clippings and leaves. It's a 71 gallon ball which is pretty heavy when full. It is almost impossible to roll on the stand and very difficult to push around the yard.
    Rolling it does help to speed the compost along. In the hot Florida summer it takes about two months to have a nice rich compost. I make a tea from the finished product and the results are impressive. About once a week I use no more than a cup of the tea on each plant and it is a better fertilizer than any store bought product.
    The downside of the ECOmposter is the hardware is rusting away, when loaded it feels flimsy, and it is very heavy to roll. I would not recommend this composter. Others that rotate are of better quality and will last a lot longer.