Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smoothie with hand-picked organic greens

Yesterday, I was able to make a green smoothie with greens picked from my mother's garden. A few months back, she planted a winter organic garden. Her garden was near citrus trees with sweet juice oranges. The orange crop in her yard were very small this year; quantity and size. However, she hand-picked a bag of juice oranges and about three cups of mustard and radish (tops) greens which were leafy and crisp. When I got home, I peeled two of the juice oranges, a navel orange, all of the greens with the stems removed, an organic apple, and a banana. All were placed in the Vitamix for a minute or so with a few cubes of ice.

The smoothie was the most beautiful shade of green AND it tasted very good, too. I couldn't get over the difference in taste with this smoothie that used only fresh oranges. I usually use one orange and a cup or two of pulp orange juice (not from concentrate). This was, by far, the best green smoothie I've made to date. :-)

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