Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Breakfast - Latest Green Smoothie

I continue to make green smoothies from my mom's garden and fresh citrus. I have finally figured out how to make my smoothies so that they are not thick. It isn't rocket science and I should have figured it out before but the secret ingredient is filtered water. Here is my favorite recipe. Remember, if you want your drink sweeter, add more bananas or another raw sweetener.

1 small grapefruit (makes it a little more tart)
2 or 3 oranges
1 organic apple
1 banana
1 large handful of greens (about two cups) - I used radish tops, mustard, turnip, spinach (whatever you have on hand will work)
and the key ingredient: 2 cups of filtered water

Blend in Vitamix for a minute and serve COLD.
This recipe makes almost three quarts. I put two away for later and add ice to one and have for breakfast. Usually, I keep the other two for the next couple of mornings. They are great each morning cold for an early breakfast.

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