Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raw Carrot Cake

During the last year, I visited a Whole Foods store and purchased one slice of Raw Carrot Cake for $9. I loved the cake but thought the price was too high for me and decided to make my own at home.  This weekend,  I found this website and recipe.  The website is entitled  the Rawtarian.
Here is the link to her  Carrot Cake Recipe .

I only made a few changes to the site's original recipe. The purchased Raw Carrot Cake, from Whole Foods, was not dehydrated, so I decided to leave out the water and not dehydrate.  I also added a few more dates:  1  3/4 cup dates.  I used the icing she included at the bottom of the recipe, Raw Cream Cheese Icing.  I thought it was also great.  Next time, I plan to use pure maple syrup or honey in the icing to change the flavor a little for variety.

Make a carrot cake and icing for yourself using this recipe and you will be very happy with your new raw cake creation.  Thanks, Rawtarian!

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