Sunday, May 20, 2012



1 Bag Black Bean Soup Mix; Bob's Red Mill (26 OZ)

Put beans in a 5 qt. pot, cover with water, allow a few extra inches. The beans will absorb water as they cook and get tender. Bring water to a boil and lower heat to simmer. Continue cooking for about 90 minutes. Once fully cooked and tender drain water and rinse well with warm water. Rinsing will rid the beans of a substance that causes gas and gives the beans a bitter taste. Once beans are drain and ready continue.

While the beans are cooking start the soup in a large pot. The stock and other ingredients
need at least a 10 to 12 qt. pot.


2 32 oz. can Organic Vegetable Stock (Kitchen Basics-Unsalted).
1 32 oz. can Organic Vegetable Broth (Swanson- Certified Organic).
1 28 oz. can Diced Tomatoes (Muir Glen- Organic).
1 28 oz. can Crushed Tomatoes (Muir Glen- Organic).

1 Sweet Potato (about one pound) shredded.
1 to 1 ½ pounds of Carrots shredded.
1 Celery stalk (About 1/4 pound). Cut the bottom off, rinse it well and place in the pot.
Cut the leafs and rinse well, chop into small pieces. Take a good portion of the
remaining celery and chop into small pieces and place into pot.
½ to 1 whole onion chopped into small pieces.


2 tsp. of garlic or 2 fresh clove.
3 Tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold press.
1 handful of fresh parsley
1 tsp. Thyme
3 tsp Bell Season (if available; if not I make my own-see separate recipe)
2 tsp. Smoked paprika
2 tsp chipolte pepper ( this may be too spicy for some taste- chipolte is made from
smoked, very ripe, jalapeno peppers
1 tsp white pepper.
1 tbs. Italian Seasoning (if fresh is not available)
1 tsp Sea Salt
2 Bay Leaves

Add spices, beans, veggies to broth and tomato stock. Cook until carrots and potato is tender. Remember, soup boiled is soup spoiled.