Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fudge Treats

In an earlier post, I described a great chocolate fudge treat which I have continued to make over and over.  So far, I have not met anyone who has not really enjoyed them.  The original recipe is here. 
Today, I made the original recipe, which only has four ingredients (walnuts, cocoa, vanilla and dates), and rolled them in unsweetened coconut.  I made two batches; one of plain and one rolled in coconut.  You can refrigerate them for several weeks.  I have found that after a week or so, they tend to be a little dryer so if you take a couple and place them in a microwave safe plate for 13 seconds (depending on your microwave, of course), they are like the day you made them; except more like a very warm brownie.  :-)  I plan to experiment with other nuts but for now, I love these so much I keep going back to the original recipe.  I have raw cacao but have to confess that I'm trying to use up things in my pantry and LOVE the Hershey's VERY DARK cocoa so that is what I'm using until the container is empty.  Plus, when the recipe calls for four tsp., I use HEAPING teaspoons because I love dark chocolate.
If you want to keep the recipe entirely raw, just use cacao powder instead of the cocoa.   Enjoy!

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